Thursday, December 05, 2013

Can't chew gum and file a lawsuit at the same time

Is there something wrong with opening your “constructive dialogue” without having to first withdraw your pending lawsuit?  Isn't that what they used to call leverage?
The Association of Levee Boards of Louisiana formalized its opposition Wednesday to a coastal-erosion lawsuit against oil and gas companies filed by a flood protection authority representing the east bank of the New Orleans area.

The association, which represents 25 levee districts around the state, asked the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority — East to withdraw its suit. It recommended an alternative approach focused on a “constructive dialogue” among levee boards, elected officials and the energy industry on how to deal with coastal erosion.
Meanwhile, the SLFPA-E is meeting this afternoon on reaffirming their resolve to keep on keeping on with stuff this afternoon.  The Lens has one of those meeting live blogs set up to cover it

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