Thursday, February 28, 2013

In which Jindal ruins NOLA's biggest economic development project in decades

Oh and public health services too.
The initial agreements inked by the nonprofit, the LSU hospital system and the state calls for the company to put up lease payments that will be used to draw down federal dollars to run the hospital. Employees at the Interim LSU Public Hospital will lose their jobs as state employees, but can reapply with the new company.

Some have raised questions about whether the UMC's future finances depend on the state taking the federal Medicaid expansion envisioned under Obamacare, which Gov. Bobby Jindal has said he will reject. The final business plans for the hospital assumed the state would be expanding Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of currently uninsured people.

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Clay Kirby said...

After all the talk of death panels and whatnot in healthcare, Jindal has turned into a 1 man death panel. Refusing to expand healthcare to those in need (at no cost to Louisiana's taxpayers) is just an abomination. He's cruel.