Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I blame the planners

If the professional masters of the urban universe would spend less time telling us where we can and cannot put a bar or a music venue, we wouldn't be saddled with the problem of rapidly gentrifying "entertainment districts" and so would have less of this problem.
The changes in the music scene on Frenchmen are becoming obvious, as the eccentric, laid-back atmosphere of the city’s traditional entertainment industry is being influenced by younger entrepreneurs. To be sure, some of the nature of the city’s indigenous club music may get lost in the process, and the bohemian vibe of St. Claude may also be a thing of the past before too long. The homogenization of American culture is an inexorable historic inevitability, and New Orleans is apparently no longer immune to it.
Instead we've chosen to go the "Boutique City" route where everything is carefully staged, and planned, and.. of course.. ultimately more expensive. 

Update: Faith in humanity restored.

As the owners of Jimmy’s Music Club continue to seek the reopening of their landmark Willow Street venue, they are employing an unusual legal strategy to get around the temporary ban on new alcohol licenses in the Carrollton area.

 Instead of asking the City Council to grant them an exception to the moratorium, they are asking the city’s alcohol commissioners to rule that the latest iteration of that moratorium is illegal altogether and thus inapplicable to Jimmy’s.

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