Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Just one block

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.  Line 'em up all over Carondelet and Prytania Streets.
During the parades, more trucks will be parking near friendly bars or in other pre-arranged spots. Without a lottery-awarded spot, vendors must stay at least one block off parade routes, and websites and Twitter feeds are the best ways to track them down.
Usually the first weekend is a bit more sparse for parade food, but, if last week was any indication, there is plenty of room for more vending options one block off the route if you concentrate on the stretch between Jackson and Louisiana, for example.

The just-opened Hotel Indigo is selling a few basic items from a kiosk in front of the building.

Take out menu at Hotel Indigo

Usually, The Grocery at Sixth and St. Charles sells sandwiches out the window. (This photo is from 2007. I haven't yet seen what they've got there this year.)

The Grocery

Aside from that, though, if you're in that area you're pretty much going to have to walk several blocks for a corn dog.

Sticks in the mud
Monument to what was once food on sticks

So an enterprising food truck operator with a strong enough social media presence to announce his or her presence could do well to set up a block off the route here.  Or, the more adventurous among them might even manage to sneak in a bit closer.  A van marked "Mr. Tasty's" set up at Third street one night a few years ago. Nobody complained.. although most paid in advance.

Please pay in advance

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