Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The usual suspects

Emergency officials thought maybe the Occupy kids were to blame for the power outage because... this is the sort of thing emergency officials think about.
18:26: "Just be advised the FBI's currently tracking the Occupy NOLA movement," advising anyone to who sees members to contact the security operations center. (Occupy NOLA members had staged protests earlier in the day.)
Fairly confident they weren't "tracking" anyone using any of the drones they said they didn't bring in but one never knows. Of course if they had bought the drone, then they'd at least have something quieter than a low-flying orange helicopter to run up and down the parade routes all weekend.

Orange helicopter

But then how would they ruin your ability to hear the bands?

In any case we're relieved to learn that Entergy has ruled out terrorism or anything like terrorism as the culprit in the power outage.   Jury may still be out on raccoons, though.

Update: Also has anyone considered the possibility that the problem occurred when Mitch Landrieu plugged his heart into the Superdome electrical feed?

Mitch Landrieu expanded for the first time Tuesday on what it feels like to be mayor when the lights go out in the middle of your city's big moment on the national stage. It was not so much what passed through his mind at the Superdome on Sunday, the mayor explained: "My heart stopped."


rickbrah said...

seems mitch and mr ghetto are on the same page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF9rzw4IKB4

West Bank Boy said...

Maybe not drones, but there was a small plane going in constant circles over the city and my house in Algiers Point. This started a week before the Superbowl. I called the FAA to complain and they said it was a plane hired by the FBI. My neighbor took a shot of the plane with a telephoto lens and we could see a large camera mounted under the left wing. The plane would start up around 7AM and run until 9PM. It passed over my house every three minutes.