Friday, February 08, 2013

Organizing Chaos

Owing to the gracious hospitality of Adrastos and Dr. A, I had an opportunity to hang around near the beginning of the Uptown parade route as Chaos was coming out of their den yesterday afternoon.  Here are a few photos. 

The king float followed by the title "Chaos goes overboard"


This was a "meeting of the courts" toast with the King of Babylon just prior to that parade shoving off on Magazine and Napoleon.

Meeting of the courts

Mounted officers moving into place

Chaos officers

Chaos uses the old antique Momus floats.  Here's a shot of the wheels.

Wagon wheels

This float themed after the city budget fight is titled "Captain Crunch"

Captain Crunch

Along Napoleon Avenue other units wait to fall into formation.  Here is a group of Flambeaux preparing to march in Babylon.


This is a young drum major with the Roots of Music band on the Napoleon Avenue neutral ground getting ready to march in Chaos.

Band leader

And here's one more shot of Chaos set to roll on Napoleon just as Babylon is passing along Magazine.

Napoleon Neutral Ground

More from last night including all the Muses stuff later but right now as I type this I see

Which means it's time to move again. 

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