Thursday, February 14, 2013

The beatings will continue until morale improves

For those of you who were wondering what would happen to Bobby Jindal if he didn't get assumed up into a Mitt Romney Administration before the Louisiana he'd set on fire had burned completely to the ground.. well.. here you go.
Just 24 percent of more than Louisiana residents who participated in a recent poll think Gov. Bobby Jindal should run for president in 2016. Of the 603 voters polled by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling, 66 percent said he should not run. 10 percent were undecided. The firm released another poll earlier this week, showing a Jindal approval rating of 37 percent among respondents.

While those results may not bode well for the governor, who very clearly has ambitions beyond his current job, the good news is that both jindal2020.com and jindal2024.com are still available as of this writing.
If the plan was to get off the island sooner than now, though, why isn't Jindal running for Senate? Or maybe there's still time for that.  In the meantime, it's right back to polishing those ideological bona fides. 

Update: And also, right back to the "catastrophic negligence" of our state's most pressing issue. 

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