Thursday, April 05, 2018

Why aren't we asking for our million dollars?

I thought the city spent two years and multiple stops and starts in the process in order to give the WTC deal to somebody who had their shit together.  That's what they said when they cancelled the deal with the original winning bid, anyway.  They also said the Four Seasons deal maximized revenue potential over the long term (due to some imaginary trickle-down bullshit, of course, but that's not important right now.)   During the recent mayoral campaign, all the candidates giddily cheered the idea that the city was soon to be swimming in new revenue from the project which they were going to use to solve all of our problems.

So, look, here is a million dollars we are just gonna leave on the table.  
The latest version of the building lease for the development team Woodward Interests and Carpenter & Co. included a Friday (March 30) deadline to begin construction. Although the date has passed, Cindy Connick, CEO of New Orleans Building Corp., the landlord for city-owned properties, said the city hasn't given notice to the developers that they missed the deadline. Doing so would require a $1 million payment from Woodward-Carpenter within 30 days to extend the deadline.
I don't get it.  A year ago, the mayor and his political allies were taking out full page ads and planting editorials in the papers about the importance of moving faster.  Why are they so lax about deadlines now?

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