Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Campaign 2019

Pretty simple to see what it's going to look like right now.  
The Louisiana House Appropriations Committee approved a state budget Monday (April 17) that fully funded the TOPS college scholarship, but would eliminate several critical health care services for thousands of people and jeopardizes medical schools and residency programs in the state, according to officials.

Louisiana recently saw revenue projections for state government climb $346 million, thanks mostly to an increase in personal income taxes that resulted from new federal tax laws. The appropriations committee chose to put most of that new money -- about $233 million -- toward the TOPS program, which covers tuition for about 50,000 college students each year.

John Bel closed all of your hospitals! Meanwhile, your friendly neighborhood Republican legislator saved TOPS for you. But John Bel wants to take your TOPS away.  Vote for (Jeff/John/Ralph/Steve) and we can stop him.

None of this is technically true. But it's what they're setting up. 

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