Friday, April 27, 2018

Never trade up (Okay sometimes trade up)

It is time to put away all of your arguments about the draft being a crapshoot and that it is always smarter to take more chances than to presume you know for certain one guy is going to be worth everything.  Those are correct arguments, of course, but who cares. This is our guy.
Davenport was born, raised and blossomed in San Antonio, but a strong portion of the defensive end was influenced heavily by the city of New Orleans.

His family is from New Orleans East. His father, Ron, played at Kennedy. His grandfather, Artis, was the track and field coach at Southern University of New Orleans and is now enshrined in the school's Hall of Fame. Frank Wilson, his coach at UTSA and one of the men by his side at the draft in Dallas on Thursday, was raised in the same part of New Orleans as the rest of Davenport's family.

The first jersey Davenport ever wore was Reggie Bush's Saints jersey.
Family is from New Orleans and he "blossomed" in San Antonio.  This guy is basically an honorary Benson. I'd argue that Davenport is Tom Himself reincarnated but the math doesn't quite work out.

Speaking of the math, that Reggie Bush jersey story is kind of jarring. Things that seem like they just happened yesterday turn out to have not.  On the day I took this photo, for example, Marcus Davenport probably didn't even have that jersey yet.  He was nine years old.

Superdome and Arena

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