Monday, April 30, 2018


Maybe this isn't the most Discourse-friendly observation to offer but Jeff Landry don't talk so good.
“It’s offensive to me that Bank of America and Citigroup think they can engage in public policy decisions. Is it American to just decide arbitrarily who we sell guns to and who we don’t? Why isn’t this ‘fassism’ at its best?” Attorney General Jeff Landry began his screed (and we presume he meant “fascism”).“’Fassism’ is when you take the industries of a country and you turn it into oppressive policies, and that’s what this is! Who made Bank of America and Citigroup the social police?
As we all know, Landry has been hard at work over the past few years trying to find ever brighter political spotlights to perform under.  His chops haven't quite caught up to his ambitions.  Watch this video of his baffling announcement last month of the decision not to prosecute the police officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling.  His statement is rambling and difficult to follow. Also he pronounces the word, voluminous "volume-us."

Maybe it's rude to say a man in charge of the state law enforcement apparatus who has just sanctioned murder for his own race-baiting political purposes is a sub-lingual buffoon. That is a question for our civility gatekeepers to resolve.  But I have to believe it is fair to say the office of Attorney General would do well to better hone its rhetorical skills.  Maybe there is an online course available.

Anyway, Landry should definitely work on this. Especially if he wants to be Governor, which most everybody says he does.  Although, Grace points out in this blurb that the work he is doing to consolidate power in the state GOP, "suggests he may be focused elsewhere."
In case it wasn’t obvious who his role model is, Landry has taken over the political action committee that Vitter once used to help give the Legislature a long-sought GOP Republican majority — and, not coincidentally, to position himself as the party’s leading power broker in the process. Landry’s also changing the group’s name, Hilburn wrote, from the Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority to Louisiana Committee for a Conservative Majority. Just in case anyone missed the point.
On the other hand, Vitter did that and also ran for governor. So it's possible to walk and chew gum at the same time. Though, maybe Landry shouldn't chew anything while he's trying to talk. He's having enough trouble with just the words.

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