Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How'd he do?

NOLA dot com wants its readers to grade Mitch. Your input will determine whether or not he gets to be President so choose carefully.  Just after his second inauguration, I wrote one of the longer posts I've ever put up here trying to get a bead on Mitch's tenure and what criteria we should use to judge his second term.  Maybe that will help.

The tl;dr there, though, is I decided we should probably judge him according to how well he lived up to his own words that day.
Our mission is to create a City of peace where everyone can thrive and no one is left behind. Four years from now may seem a long way away, but time flies.  Those 1460 days will pass in a second. And what will we accomplish in our short time together?  What will we have done to open the circle of opportunity and prosperity to all?
How did he do with that?

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