Friday, November 03, 2017

Welcome to the runoff, everybody

District B third place finisher Timothy David Ray has some things to say which you may find interesting.
I have recently reached a decision and have decided to offer my endorsement to a candidate in the run-off. I reached my decision after deep consideration of both candidates; their policies and their characters
He then goes on to.. um.. very deeply consider the character, in particular, of Seth Bloom. He finds it lacking.
Seth Bloom has habitually displayed a lack of self-restraint, professionalism, respect, and sincerity as he has campaigned for another public office. I am convinced that Seth Bloom is volatile, hostile, and vindictive - the residents of District B deserve better. The City of New Orleans deserves better.
It goes on like this for quite a while. The first (of the very many times) I read Ray's treatise I had to stop and count how many paragraphs we were already into it when we get to, "There is much more I can say about the complete lack of respect and smugness of Seth Bloom." The answer is 17.

Anyway, so, enjoy that. Early voting begins today, by the way. Here is where you can do that.

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