Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Just say No-pioid

Jeff Landry has this fascinating idea that a major national health crisis has come about because medicine isn't expensive enough.
Since Louisiana expanded Medicaid, 441,000 more people in the state have enrolled and are receiving health care coverage. The Louisiana Department of Health says Medicaid expansion has helped more than 13,000 people receive substance abuse treatment.

Prior to the expansion, Landry said, Medicaid covered about 500,000 prescriptions compared to the roughly 900,000 prescriptions covered today.

“We already know that we’re having an epidemic, so when we put a program in place that about doubles the amount of free prescriptions available to people, think about that. That’s literally like putting drugs on the street for free,” Landry said.
One supposes we shouldn't have to justify this with a response.  Grace does anyway.  Meanwhile, Landry will be happy to accept your leftover pain pills if you want to bring them to him. Surely this makes more sense than treating people for addiction.  

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