Friday, November 10, 2017

Going monorail

Desi vs LaToya is running out of steam. We're already familiar enough with the depressing or disingenuous answers each will recite given a topic by now. I suppose if we get a chance to see the video of this latest forum, there will be some vague novelty we can pick out. But going by Gambit's description, the candidates stayed on script.

Well, okay there was one thing.  Apparently there is some law of nature which states that any time two or more talking heads discuss economic development in New Orleans East, at least one of them is eventually going to talk about something in the monorail category.
Other ideas from the candidates included light rail transit and development at the Grand Theater site in New Orleans East (Cantrell); and a $15 wage for City Hall employees and funding for the Orleans Public Defender's office to work on expungements (Charbonnet). An audience of more than 200 people clapped enthusiastically and gave out the occasional whoop of support.
Like I said, I'm probably going to have to watch this. What did she mean? Does the train go to the Grand Theater site? From where? Maybe it could just take visitors on a ride around the property to offer views of the murals which, admittedly, are pretty nice.  Maybe this could work.

Grand Theater

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