Monday, November 06, 2017

Can your team win 6 in a row?

Maybe.  Would it help if I told you they got to play this schedule?

Cam Sandals

The Fightin' Cutlers

One-Ankle Matt Stafford (almost blew that one, actually)

No, The Other Brett

Ryan Pace's Genius Draft Trade (almost blew that one, too, actually)

This Idiot (minus a shoulder)

Yeah, I'd say there's a chance you can pull that off.  Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly saying this thing is a "fluke."  But since most NFL results are pretty much random in the first place, I'm also not NOT saying that. The good news is the whole NFC is especially bad this year so, if you want to go "all in," feel free to go right ahead and do that.  It's fun when they win. And we watch these games for fun so... yay!

But also don't be too upset when the wheel spins the other way.  That's coming sooner or later.   We started this thing hoping to see the team make history by finishing 7-9 for a fourth year in a row. The odds of that are pretty slim now so already we've been a little bit disappointed. Anyway, it's the halfway point so we'll have to update this soon.   Sean's poll numbers are up, it would seem.

Update: Bonus words of wisdom from Cam.
The 28-year-old quarterback had been asked about Devin Funchess, who had five catches for 86 yards in his debut as the Panthers’ top wide receiver in the wake of the Kelvin Benjamin trade. Newton noted that Funchess is “growing into the role,” then provided this insight into Benjamin’s departure:

“Yeah, we just lost a great player, but nevertheless, the Titanic still has to go.”
It really does. Eventually everything will. 

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