Thursday, November 09, 2017

Sounds like a challenge

That Wa-Po piece on Hugo Holland is yielding some good things.
A New Orleans attorney on Thursday asked state officials to open a "payroll fraud" investigation into Hugo A. Holland, one of the most influential prosecutors in Louisiana, accusing the outspoken death penalty proponent of breaking the law by working full-time in multiple judicial districts.
Holland doesn't seem like the kind of person who is going to be intimidated or humbled in any way by that. So this should be fun to watch. 
Holland denied the allegations in an email, insisting the position of assistant district attorney is considered part-time under Louisiana law. He told The Advocate in an interview earlier this year that he holds commissions from 18 Louisiana district attorneys, often flying around the state in a four-seat RV-10 to prosecute high-profile cases in largely rural parishes.

"An individual may hold as many part-time appointed positions as he or she desires," Holland wrote. "I can be a commissioned ADA in all 42 jurisdictions if I so desire and if the DA's in those jurisdictions approve."

He also said that it was "horses--t to claim I am a paid lobbyist," adding, "I simply don't fit the definition."

"I defy any of these ass----s to produce a shred of evidence that I have 'double billed' or 'double dipped,'" Holland said. 
Maybe none of the "ass----s" will take him up on the dare. On the other hand, maybe they don't like being called out like that. 

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