Monday, December 19, 2016

World's greatest democracy

Watch it work.
We know the Electoral College is deeply undemocratic. Presidential electors are allocated by adding the two senators to the number of representatives each state gets. Thus the smallest states have proportionally more power in electing the president than the large ones. In 2016 Donald Trump won 66 electoral votes from 14 small states, with a total population of about 26,300,000. Hillary Clinton won 55 electoral votes from California, with a population of 37,254,000. The math is clear. Twenty-six million people substantially outvoted thirty-seven million people. Something is clearly wrong.

How did we get such an insane, undemocratic system for choosing our president? The answer, oddly enough is because of slavery. The system was explicitly designed to protect slavery.
We don't have slavery anymore... unless you count the prison labor.. or the H-2  visas... or the growing "gig economy" phenomenon... or.. .well, okay we don't nominally have slavery anymore. But we do retain certain relics of it which happen to distort our World's Greatest Democracy from time to time.  Still working out the kinks on that.  

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