Thursday, December 15, 2016

What could possibly go wrong

The parallel internet, which is a multi-billion dollar corporation with near monopoly status in the "social media" market, is going to tell you what's real and what's fake. 
  • Facebook will ask users to report fake news by clicking on a button at the top right of a story they think is dubious. It will also use its software to look for signs of fake news stories that are getting traction.

  • If Facebook thinks its users and/or its software have found a fake news story, it will ask a consortium of journalists to fact-check the story.

  • If the journalists think the story is bogus, Facebook will flag the story as “disputed by third-party fact-checkers.”

  • That “disputed” banner will be attached to the story within Facebook’s News Feed, and Facebook will tweak its algorithms to make sure “disputed” stories don’t get as much traction in the feed*.

  • And users who do want to share a “disputed” story will get a prompt asking them if they’re really sure they want to share the story.

  • Facebook also says it will try to make it harder for publishers to profit by publishing fake news, though it is vague about what that will mean.
 Can't imagine what could go wrong there. Can you?

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