Monday, December 19, 2016

Decibel meters and metal detectors

Our fifty ka-billion annual visitors, or whatever NOTMC's target number is now, are going to love the rigidly enforced charms of the French Quarter.
Tourists like to enjoy New Orleans’ talent up close, but some business owners say the noise and crowds that street performers bring is hurting business.

"We've seen a loss of business because when these people are here they block the doorways,” said Terry Weidert, owner of Currents Jewelry. “They pay no attention the merchants."

Weidert’s store has been in the French Quarter for more than 25 years and he said the amount of performers in front of his store is more than ever.

"They're far above the decibel level, they block the sidewalks,” Weidert said. “They don't respect the merchants."
Last year the same group tried to shut down the Royal Street pedestrian mall altogether.  This year they're back at it.  Between this and Sidney Torres's Bourbon Street cover charge, the folks are gonna love the happy atmosphere our city is famous for.  

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