Thursday, December 08, 2016


Steve Scalise seems to think Louisiana might be done asking for flood relief money already
Officials have estimated that the state suffered as much as $8.7 billion in damage from the historic floods that hit south Louisiana in August and north Louisiana in the spring, and FEMA has estimated nearly 188,000 structures, mostly homes, were flooded in August alone.

"If additional needs are identified, then that's something we can have a conversation about in the months ahead," Scalise said about future efforts to secure more money.

The White House had asked Congress to sign off on a $3.15 billion disaster aid package for Louisiana and states affected by Hurricane Matthew by the end of the year.

Edwards, who has made several trips to Washington in recent weeks to lobby for flood aid, requested nearly $4 billion in additional funding for Louisiana alone.
Good looking out, there. 

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