Saturday, December 03, 2016

Jeff Landry is only freaked out about this one thing

Weird, huh.
It is also not clear how broad Landry's complaint about the LGBT protections might be. In court Tuesday, his legal team said he only has concerns about the provisions that apply to transgender people, not the protections for gay people and same-sex couples.

At one point, they implied that if the governor's protections had been limited to gay, lesbian and bisexual people, the two might not have landed in court. "This whole case is about gender identity, not sexual orientation," said Chester Cedars, a lawyer for the Department of Justice who spoke for Landry Tuesday.

The governor's team was skeptical of that claim however. They said Landry filed the lawsuit against the governor to get the entire LGBT executive order thrown out, not just the part that applied to transgender people. Landry has also resisted including protections for the gay community in his own agency and state contracts, signaling he isn't interested in a more restricted policy.

"If you read over their pleadings, they want the whole thing dismissed," said Matthew Block, general counsel for the governor's office.

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