Thursday, December 22, 2016

John Bel Edwards wants you to be aware of your responsibility when you get shot by police

If you happen to survive, the state wants to make sure you know how to behave.
Gov. John Bel Edwards said it's not just up to the police officers to improve their relationship with the public, but the community but the community also has to do its part to communicate better with law enforcement.

"We have too many law enforcement officers scared of the public and too many members of the public scared of law enforcement," Edwards said during an end-of-the-year news conference held at the governor's mansion Wednesday (Dec. 21).

"Members of the public, too, have a responsibility to make sure they are interacting with the police in a proper fashion as well," the governor said.

The governor said the state is looking into adding some training for the public about how to behave at traffic stops and in other situations where they interact with the police, possibly as part of the driver's education classes in Louisiana.
Meanwhile, the Governor "has all the confidence in the world" the recent FBI raid of his brother's office will be no big deal.  
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards spent the last few moments of his end-of-the-year news conference Wednesday (Dec. 21) sticking up for his younger brother, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards, whose office was raided last week by the FBI. "Without any fear of contradiction or ever being proven wrong, I can tell you he did not engage in anything improper, much less illegal," Edwards said. "I have all the confidence in the world in that, and I think that time will bear that out."

The governor said he also doesn't have any idea why the FBI raided his brother's office. The FBI is investigating two former Tangipahoa sheriff deputies, who are being brought up on federal charges for selling narcotics. It's unclear how Daniel Edwards fits into that investigation -- if he fits in at all.
But if it does happen that Sheriff Edwards has been selling drugs on the side, we'll make sure to get his constituents trained up on how to handle that real soon.

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