Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Hollywood South Severance Tax

Billy Nungesser is a dope and this clearly won't work. But it's fun to throw ideas like this out there because they are clearly better than what we do now. 
With the state’s substantial film and television production incentives under pressure because of a budget crisis that arrived with falling oil prices, Mr. Nungesser is proposing a novel approach: Louisiana will extend the incentives in return for a promise that taxpayers will share in the profits from any big winners at the box office.

“I can’t think of any good argument against it,” said Mr. Nungesser, who floated his proposition — at this point, just a trial balloon — in a telephone interview this week.
What we do now is just hand the big studios very large sums of Louisiana tax revenue and close hospitals and universities to pay for it.  There's got to be a better idea. This probably isn't it but there has to be one. 

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