Saturday, April 16, 2016

Billy Nungesser makes people uncomfortable

Remember last week when we highlighted this little bit from the Billy Nungesser-Iraq-Avondale-Lake Charles-Contra Affair or whatever?
Nungesser also blamed his staff, whom he relies upon to vet his documents. In this case, the letters never should have reached his desk, he said.
The staff are de-camping already
About three months after taking office, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser lost his top communications aide.

Kriss Fairbairn Fortunato said she resigned from her post as Nungesser’s communications director, effective immediately, last Monday.

It was not a comfortable environment and not a good fit,” Fortunato said, calling it a personal decision.
The Iraq-Contra thing, by the way was actually the second public embarrassment of this young Lieutenant Governorship.  The first was a week before when we learned about Nungesser's cunning plan to tax individual movie productions a share of their box office receipts.. or something.. Billy doesn't actually know how movies are financed, was the point. 

Even more to the point, neither scheme is really within the scope of the Lieutenant Governor's purview in the first place. Which should explain why his media person is already set to jump ship. No one wants to spend the next four years sending out "Whoops!" press releases if they can help it.

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