Monday, April 25, 2016

What do Sheriffs do all day?

Marlin Gusman may need to come up with some hobbies.
Attorneys for the government and the MacArthur Justice Center asked U.S. District Judge Lance Africk to appoint an outside administrator, known as a receiver, to take the reins of the facility, saying Gusman has proven incapable of improving the jail’s “unconstitutional” conditions.

“Urgent and extraordinary action is required of this court to address the immediate risk of harm and death to the men, women and youth in the jail,” the attorneys wrote in a voluminous filing. “Although there is no question that receivership is an extraordinary remedy, so too is the level of harm that continues to plague the jail, with no apparent end in sight.”

If appointed, a receiver would take on Gusman’s core responsibilities as sheriff and be given “full authority to administer operations of the jail, including the ability to discipline, reassign, terminate, and promote jail employees; develop and implement policies and procedures; allocate jail budget funds; and enter into contracts for jail services,” the attorneys wrote.

The sheriff would not be removed from office, even in the presence of a receiver, and likely would continue to oversee the civil operations of the Sheriff’s Office.
It's a good thing we decided to combine the offices of Criminal Sheriff and Civil Sheriff a few years back. The dude needs something to do.  Also stay tuned until next year's city budget starts to become a thing. The mayor had been asking to have the jail put into receivership.  Wonder what happens if he gets his wish and still ends up arguing with the new administrator over money.

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