Friday, April 08, 2016

I dunno what's the deal with Nyx

There's a poorly written Facebook rant out there that kind of snobbishly attacks the krewe captain's taste cars and accessories and such. I guess the point is to suggest that the krewe is being used as this person's personal racket which wouldn't be out of character with the standard operating procedure for most local non-profit organizations. Maybe David Hammer should do a story.

Heavenly Cash
Krewe of Muses 2016 float

Nyx did get attention this year for proclaiming itself a "Superkrewe" on account of its explosive membership growth. This became, as these things do, a topic of controversy in the press and on Hunkerdowncast Episode 8.5-B which might be a good one to cue up again since this week's show (coming later today in case you really want to hear it) suffers from serious audio problems. 

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