Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy New York Primary Day

(Now that we've had our coffee and know what day it is)

Today New Yorkers have their shot at lending some clarity to the now several decades old 2016 Presidential primaries. That is, unless their polling locations are too "remote" for them to reach. Anyway, they probably won't succeed.  Trump has a big lead in the polls but even a victory for him there won't stifle the "optimism" among Republicans that their convention will turn out to be a free-for-all shitshow. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats are only slightly better off insofar as they already know who their nominee will be. (It will be the staggeringly unpopular candidate.) But even the fairly decisive win for Hillary predicted by the New York polls probably won't put an end to the "Bernie Can Win" truther movement. Even a dyed in the wool Sanders supporter like yours truly here will have grown weary of the mathematically challenged hordes by now. They are losing sight of the very point of their idealistic aspirational campaign.  The whole idea was that Democratic voters should demand a candidate who articulates their actual concerns rather than one who purposefully denigrates them as a matter of strategy.  I thought the Bernie people were tired of candidates whose main selling point was "electability." If that's the case, why are they so preoccupied now with "winning?"

Democratic partisans of both candidates need to play their own roles in the game better.  Along those lines here's a thing I wrote last week about the final New York Clinton/Sanders debate. Substantively speaking, it was probably the best of the campaign to this point. Too bad everyone is too overwhelmed with daily outrages and bogus delegate trutherism to pay attention to that stuff anymore.

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