Friday, January 08, 2016

You put up nickels and I'll drop a dime..

Your friendly neighborhood FBI office wishes you a happy Mardi Gras.
The FBI, joined by city leaders, launched a public awareness campaign Thursday urging residents and business owners to report suspicious behavior ahead of Mardi Gras, a celebration that has prompted heightened awareness among law enforcement this year in the wake of recent terrorist attacks.

Jeffrey Sallet, the special agent in charge of the bureau’s New Orleans division, told reporters that investigators know of “absolutely no credible threats” targeting the Carnival season.
Well that's good to know. Have fun out there and.. oh wait there's more. 
But the FBI, Louisiana State Police and New Orleans Police Department appealed to the public to report furtive activity that seems out of place in their communities.

Beyond unattended packages, Sallet said, the FBI would like to know about people seen photographing critical infrastructure like bridges, outsiders “milling around” neighborhoods, and unusual or incendiary statements overheard concerning, for instance, “a hatred of Mardi Gras that seems excessive.”
Oh okay so if there's a parade coming and we end up with a lot of "outsiders milling around the neighborhood," FBI is saying they will come and get them.

Parade crowd
Suspicious characters milling about

Finally, our tent and ladder ordinances will have some real enforcement teeth. This could be a bad year for #KreweOfChad. It does put a bit of a damper on tourism, though. Not to mention that whole "hang on the corner, do whatcha wanna" thing.

Meanwhile I guess the "hatred of Mardi Gras" clause will get this guy sent directly to GITMO.

Kingdom of God

And, of course, everybody knows that asymmetric approaches to parking are never to be tolerated during Carnival. 
Cars parked in places they shouldn’t be might also be a red flag, he said.

“We have really, really great citizens in the city that know their city, and if there’s just something that doesn’t make sense to them, it probably doesn’t,” Sallet said.
Now go on out there and make this the most sensible Carnival ever. 

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