Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Come for the millions of dollars Stay for the potholes and amoeba

That's what I always say. Is that what you say?
Payton said his affinity for the city also factored in his decision to remain with the Saints.

"There is something unique and different; I can't put my finger on it," Payton said of New Orleans. "I drive through a pothole every day like you guys do and get upset. When the water's down in a certain parish, I have to come here to shower just like everyone else might have to go somewhere else.

"And yet it grows on you, and it is home."
The full text of Payton's Love Letter To NOLA will be published later in the week at NOLAVie. (He also drafted a break up letter which would have run at The Lens but will now have to be destroyed or at least delayed)

Anyway I hope someone preserves either the video or the transcript of that presser. It was..... very strange. Payton talked about how his mother used to hoard couches. He said if he had to leave New Orleans he would miss having five waiters bring out his entrees. He was all over the place and, on the radio, it even sounded like he was choking up a bit.  Fun stuff.  Weird stuff, but fun.

Meanwhile it's back to work figuring out who doesn't get paid this year so Junior Galette can get his check.  Other than that I wouldn't expect this off-season to be quite as nutso as the last one was.  Interesting part is out of the way already.

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