Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lost cause

According to the live coverage, the monument fetishists are getting whipped pretty badly in court right now. So I guess it shouldn't surprise us now that the defenders of "Confederate heritage" would quickly move on to extra-legal means of advancing their cause.
The company New Orleans hired to remove four monuments related to the Confederacy is backing out of that project, after its associates and their relatives received death threats and threatening calls, according to a recently filed court document.

An attorney for the company, the Baton Rouge-based H&O Investments, said in a Tuesday letter to city officials that after H&O made preparations to remove the controversial monuments, its offices received multiple telephone complaints, “including death threats personally directed to [company owner] David Mahler, and his staff, in addition to threatening calls received by his wife at their residence.”
Good lord, they're playing their little part well, aren't they?  How boring. 

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