Monday, January 04, 2016

Send more carts and horses

Might be better than what RTA offers now anyway.

But if the Landrieu administration “is positioning its parking revenue to be in line with other larger municipalities, then it should offer public transportation that is in line with those cities,” they said in a statement.

Landrieu has said that the higher meter rates are “not out of context with what’s done in other cities.”

City officials have also said that raising rates is designed primarily to increase the turnover of the on-street spaces, freeing them up more frequently and thus helping nearby businesses.

The city has said it will work with the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority to expand bus service to and from the CBD and French Quarter. The RTA plans to get public input on those plans at public meetings in January and February.

But the activists said those changes should come before a parking meter hike. “We feel it’s a cart-before-the-horse response,” Lane said in an interview.
"Cart before the horse" is putting it charitably. There's almost no effort made here to accommodate the concerns of transit users at all.

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