Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How are we preparing for the toppling party?

Looks like these contractors are setting the stage.
New Orleans city officials are moving forward with preparations to relocate four monuments related to the Confederacy, despite a federal lawsuit aimed at blocking the removals.

James Karst, an editor and columnist for NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune, photographed a work crew Monday (Jan. 11) as they inspected the statue of Jefferson Davis in Mid-City. A spokesman for the city said the crew was measuring the statue in preparation for its removal, should the city prevail in the litigation.

Social media users have posted similar photos of work crews around other monuments in recent days.
The city is expected to win a quick ruling in the lawsuit and could be ready to proceed with the removal by the end of the week. So let's make a plan. How should we celebrate? Is it better to have four separate parties happen simultaneously at each monument? Or should we all just go down to Lee Circle and watch from there?

Also, who is paying for our drinks?  Anonymous?
The anonymous donor who is paying to remove four New Orleans monuments related to the Confederacy will apparently manage to remain out of the spotlight, because a private foundation is writing the check to the city on that person’s behalf.

The donor will pay the nonprofit Foundation for Louisiana, which will then send that donation to the city, officials said Tuesday. Because the foundation is not subject to public-records laws, that will allow the donor to keep his or her name secret.

It will cost an estimated $170,000 to remove the statues.

Neither the city nor the foundation is naming the donor, though foundation Chief Executive Officer and President Flozell Daniels, Jr. said Tuesday that it could be more than one person. The nonprofit has yet to receive the donation.
Seriously, though, I'm glad the monuments are coming down but this farcical non-transparent donation toward a public expenditure is bullshit.  We ought to know who is behind it. 

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