Monday, January 11, 2016

Phony political pose is phony political pose

Turns out the District Attorney isn't too excited to work with The Innocence Project after all. 
Maw said Cannizzaro never came through with the staff or commitment he had pledged for a team in which lawyers and investigators from both sides would share case files and work together to turn up the kind of nefarious deeds, misidentifications, false confessions and other lapses that lead to bad convictions.

“When the project started off, they did not demonstrate any significant shift in the way they approached these cases,” Maw said. “Because it wasn’t a priority, it was not worth the investment anymore.”

Maw said she doesn’t think Cannizzaro championed the initiative as a political stunt, even though its announcement came during a 2014 re-election bid in which the DA cast himself as a bold progressive.
 Imagine that.

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