Tuesday, August 18, 2015

There's enough to go around

This is just Kennedy trying to save the Charity Hospital kickback for the next governor, right?
State Treasurer John N. Kennedy wants the Jindal administration to let the new governor and new Legislature decide how to renovate the former Charity Hospital building in New Orleans.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Division of Administration this year asked developers to submit ideas for renovating the five-building, million-square-foot facility on Tulane Avenue, which was closed in 2005 after being flooded by Hurricane Katrina.

The administration received five ideas for revitalizing the complex and the surrounding neighborhood.

Kennedy said he’s concerned the process is moving too fast and a decision could be made on the valuable downtown property before the governor leaves office in early January.

“I will be sending a letter to the governor asking that he please slow this train down and let the new governor and the new Legislature be involved through a public meeting,” Kennedy told the Press Club of Baton Rouge. “We’ve got to do something with Big Charity. It’s a beautiful art deco building. ... I don’t want to see this administration do this, make a deal with somebody in the private sector going out the door. It’s too important.”
Not that Jindal's PACs aren't free to fundraise from potential developers now.  But save some for everybody. 

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