Friday, August 28, 2015

Dispelling myths

I think this bit of text has been on the Rising Tide website since the very beginning.  It would be a sort of creed.. if anyone knew it was there.
We come together to dispel myths, promote facts, highlight progress and regress, discuss recovery ideas, and promote sound policies at all levels. We aim to be a "real life" demonstration of internet activism as we continue to recover from a massive failure of government on all levels.
Anyway I thought about that when I read this fantastic myth dispelling omnibus at The Lens today.  It's all there. Give it a look.

Also come do Rising Tide with us tomorrow.  It really will be the best yet.

Update: As a companion to that Lens piece, see also this tracing of the "Blank Slate" narrative promulgated through the right wing media over past decade.  

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