Thursday, August 20, 2015

And people today think SELA is inconvenient

The first halfway decent digital camera I ever owned was a Nikon point and shoot Menckles gave me for Christmas in 2005. Here is the first picture I ever took with it.

Traffic signal

That's the corner of Napoleon and St. Charles in front of a shuttered Rite Aid. The traffic signal had been blown down by Katrina in August.  Come late December it was still laying there.  And that's where it stayed for at least another two or three months after this photo was taken.  That seems kind of wacky now but, for post-K times, it was typical. Everything happened in slow motion if at all.

Despite what a Fix My Streets banshee may wail at you, things happen much faster than that now.  Heck, the Rite Aid isn't even there anymore. It's been demolished and replaced with an equally unexciting Capital One branch.  But this photo meant a lot to me so I went back to that spot anyway last week.  Here, roughly, is where the downed signal would be today had it remained in place as the world changed around it.

New bank

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