Saturday, August 08, 2015



One of the things I'm doing this month is retracing some of my own steps I took around town with the camera during the first few years after the flood.  Probably won't get to everything I want by the end of the month. (I seem to have a great deal less time on my hands nowadays.) If I find anything interesting I'll try and post it here.  Anyway here's the first one.

I noticed this house on Washington Avenue on Super Sunday 2007.  It struck me that the floodline was still so clearly visible nearly two years after the fact.

Flood line

Last weekend I stopped in front of it again to snap this picture.

Floodline house on Washington 2015

The second photo doesn't duplicate the first as closely as I'd like. I'll try to get better at that as I do more of these.  Had I gotten in closer, the fact that the floodline is still (barely) visible would be more readily evident.  If you open the photo in its Flickr page and zoom in, you'll find it.  Aside from the painting on the second level, it doesn't look like much else has changed here. The houses on either side look like they've had substantial work done.

As I was taking this picture, a man on the street approached me, said he knew the owner, and asked if I wanted to buy it.  I guess we should take that as a sign of the times in Central City. What other interest could a white guy on a bike have in taking pictures of houses there?

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