Monday, August 17, 2015

How is Bobby doing?

Well let's see, he picked up an important endorsement from one Republican.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign has won a key endorsement from a high-ranking Iowa Republican.

Iowa Speaker Pro Tem Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, said in a statement Monday that he has decided to back Jindal because of his “strong Christian principles” and conservative positions on issues like guns and abortion.

“After much thought, prayer, research and discussions with my wife I have decided to make an endorsement in the presidential race,” Windschitl said in a statement.

Oh but wait, another prominent Republican says she favors Bush
As for Jindal, “he would be a terrible president,” she said. “He’s virtually paid no attention to our state in the last four years and simply promotes himself.”

But (Mary)Landrieu did have some kind words – for other GOP candidates.

She said she was impressed with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

On Rubio: “I think he embodies that kind of spirit of hopefulness that American really longs for in their leadership.”

On Kasich: “I like John Kasich … He’s not a Republican that pretends there are no poor people in America.”

But she had the kindest words for Bush.

“I always have been impressed with Jeb Bush. He’s been really a phenomenal leader on education reform,” she said. “I think he would be very good as a leader because the country really needs that kind of thought.”
Win some, lose some, I guess.  

Note: Mary Landrieu is a professional lobbyist for the Walton Family Foundation. Education privatization reform is their specialty. It's also Jeb Bush's pet issue.

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