Tuesday, May 05, 2015

SELA season

Cleverly timed. They say they've timed this for "while school is out for summer" but what they really mean is there aren't as many tourists around who will want to ride on the streetcar amusement.
You thought traffic in Uptown New Orleans couldn't get any worse. Wait until June 1.

That's when the Army Corps of Engineers, in coordination with the Sewerage & Water Board and the Regional Transit Authority, will rip up streetcar tracks at three major intersections along St. Charles Avenue to continue installing major federal drainage canals.

Those crossings, at Jefferson, Napoleon and Louisiana avenues, will be compromised for 90 days, allowing crews to do the work simultaneously to minimize snarling traffic while school is out for the summer.
This just after they finished putting in the new rail ties last year.

Third Street barricade

If you're Uptown, it might be a good time to make sure your bike is in good shape. Although people keep trying to make that more complicated than it needs to be as well

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