Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bye Monty

People seemed to like him ok. But, at the same time, nobody thought he was particularly good at coaching the basketball team.  That can be a problem after a while.
But NBA teams frequently make changes after good seasons – and often they pay off. Case in point: the Warriors fired Mark Jackson last year after a 50-win season and under Steve Kerr Golden State was the winningest team in the league this year.

As much as anything though, this move comes after a Pelicans seasons when there were rumors – and even a few public comments – that indicated Demps and Williams did not agree on personnel decisions that Demps was making.
Demps handled the roster pretty well this year.. I thought so anyway.  Especially considering the numerous injury problems with its main cogs. Plus, adding Norris Cole and Quincy Pondexter probably made the difference in whether or not that team made the playoffs.

Anyway if you paid even the slightest bit of attention this year, you would have seen near constant dissatisfaction with Monty's game management.  At one point he asked his family to stop coming to games so that they wouldn't have to hear the booing.   He also didn't like it very much when Golden State fans cheered for their team. So it isn't clear what Monty thinks fans are for, really.   He'll get some quiet time now.

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