Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wanklandia Lives

Huh. Jeff Arnold's goofball Algiers secession bill made it out of committee.

Still has to pass in the legislature, which probably won't happen. (But then those people are pretty crazy.)  Then it has to pass a statewide ballot.  Then they have to get some signatures on a petition.  And then they have to have a local election.  So that's a lot of stuff that needs to happen but just passing it out of committee seems pretty wacky.
Arnold said Algiers would not be withdrawing but reincorporating. Algiers, Carrollton and Jefferson were separate cities until the 1870s, when the Legislature dissolved them without a vote of the people and made them part of New Orleans, he said.

Arnold said some residents are still angry about that.
Huge if true. That's some pretty intensely maintained institutional resentment they've got going over there. Who in Algiers even remembers that far back?  Maybe Jackie Clarkson. 

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