Friday, May 08, 2015

Susan Guidry has totally checked out

I've noticed more than a few of these recently so I figured I might as well start making note of them.  District A Councilwoman Susan Guidry is far from the worst of our local pols. In fact, there's been quite a lot to like about her tenure.. insofar as it is decent to like any of these people, anyway.  

Sometimes, though, she says something that makes you wonder if she's even trying anymore. For example, here she is talking about the mayor's final approval of the WTC renovation.
“I’m very excited about the Carpenter/Woodward venture,” Councilwoman Susan Guidry said. “Bringing the Four Seasons brand to New Orleans should be a game-changer.”
What could that possibly mean?  Guidry could have submitted any bland complimentary statement about the hotel project and the company's reputation and that would have been fine.  But something in her brain went, "Oh say 'game-changer.'  That sounds like an exciting thing to say."  She can't have actually meant that the Four Seasons "brand" alone would represent some radical upheaval of the local hospitality market. That would be nonsense. 

Of course there's nothing  wrong with it either.  It's just that it's the kind of thing a person says when she doesn't actually care what she's saying anymore.

Anyway, like I said, I've noticed this a few times but I'm sorry I haven't got any more examples to show you than just this one. It's not terribly important, either. It's just a funny thing I've picked up on.  I'll try to keep a running log as one imagines the term-limited Guidry is likely to remain on autopilot for the next few years.

Meanwhile, I'm a bit worried about Mitch Landrieu.  While Guidry talks like she's already thinking about retiring after her term is up, Mitch is sounding more megalomaniacal every day. Here is his comment on the project.
Referring to a rendering of the final plan, Landrieu drew a stark contrast between the existing, vacant building and “the way the river could have always looked, had we done it right.”

“We’re going to reveal to the world New Orleans the way it always should have been,” he said.
Now we know he doesn't mean to say it like this. He can't mean that everybody who has had a hand in shaping this city from God to Bienville to Adrien de Pauger to Carlos Marcello, to Dave Dixon to Dutch Morial to freaking... I don't know.. Brad Pitt..  has profoundly fucked things up but now Mitch is going to, finally, put it right.  But it sure sounds that way.

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Alfred Bostick said...

I actually once thought Guidry would make a good mayor. Yes, I actually once thought that, I really did once think that, I did think exactly that stupid thought for a while, I did. OK, I'm going to now stop saying it and never admit such a thing again. Never, no matter how stupidly I think about such things again.