Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thinner asphalt

Yesterday we received some cost-saving recommendations from consulting firm Alvarez and Marsal
On Monday (Dec. 8), Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration detailed how the state government -- with help from a private consultant -- is saving Louisiana $81 million during this fiscal year.

The Jindal administration paid Alvarez & Marsal $7 million to come up with recommendations for how Louisiana could cut costs and generate new revenue. The New York-based private firm released a list of suggestions in June that could supposedly save the state government $2.7 billion over several years if adopted.
The recommendations are underwhelming. We're told we should sell off some stuff, replace some lawyer with robots, charge media for traffic data, oh and this.
The Department of Transportation and Development is moving forward with plans to use thinner asphalt in road paving projects in order to save the state government money. 

Transportation Secretary Sherri LeBas said a fraction of Louisiana roads require more significant paving at this point. It makes sense to use the thinner pavement.

"I think we need to be efficient and really look at the amount of asphalt we are putting down," said LaBas.

When state Sen. Bret Allain, R-Franklin, asked LeBas directly whether the thinner asphalt would require the state to have to repave the road again sooner than it would have otherwise, the secretary deflected the question.
Seems like something is being laid on pretty thick here even if it ain't asphalt.

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