Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Pretty sure that this
A decision late last week to remove three New Orleans police officers from their posts providing security at the Municipal Court building forced the closure of three of the four courtrooms and seemed to set up what could be a protracted battle between the city’s executive and judicial branches.

Chief Administrative Judge Desiree Charbonnet said the decision provided her and the other judges no time to develop a contingency plan for a court that often is a “boiling pot” because of the nature of the cases that are heard and the often close relationships between plaintiffs and defendants.

Was just part of the bargaining over this.
The City Council has rejected Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s attempt to take money being collected for building maintenance at Municipal Court and use it to pay for salaries at the court.

In a rare defeat for the mayor, the council voted 4-3 on Thursday against an ordinance that would have moved about $600,000 from the court’s building maintenance fund into its Judicial Expense Fund.

The money comes from a $5 court cost assessed to people convicted of violating municipal laws. Court costs are fees assessed on top of any fines violators must pay; the resulting revenue is split among a number of agencies for various purposes.
Ha ha we showed you. You didn't want to pay your salary out of petty fees paid by defendants well now you have to shut your court down.  Isn't that hilarious. I'm sure all the folks who had to move their schedules around to fit in a court date most of them already can't afford to go sit in the "boiling pot" all day in answer to their summons think it's funny. The petty people having this fight don't care about them though.

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