Monday, December 01, 2014

Seems unlikely

Cedric Richmond says that if the weird dude wins, there's gonna be an impeachment.
In a campaign ad that has been highlighted by Buzzfeed, Democratic U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond, of Louisiana’s 2nd District, says Republicans will impeach President Barack Obama if Republican Bill Cassidy wins the U.S. Senate race over Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu.

“Have you heard the crazy stuff Bill Cassidy, Bobby Jindal, and the Republicans are always saying about President Obama?” Richmond says in the ad, audio of which Buzzfeed posted. “They have shown our president so much disrespect. They said he wasn’t a U.S. citizen, they even sued him – and if Cassidy wins, they will impeach him.”
The odds on impeachment are pretty much even anyway. But they probably aren't tipped by this election result either way. Unless it means they're going to impeach the imaginary Obama Cassidy has been running against. That guy sounds terrible.

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