Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Could this be real?

A reader comment included in Deadspin's "Why Your Team Sucks" Panthers edition:
A friend bought PSLs a few years ago before we drafted Cam Newton, and in his frustration at the high price of watching a shit team, emailed the Panthers front office to vent. Somehow, someway Ol' Jerry (Panthers owner Jerry Richardson) found about the email and called him. Did he call to save "have hope" or "things will get better"? No. He called to tell my friend to stop complaining and be grateful that Charlotte has an NFL team. He then preceded to degrade him for about 2 minutes and threaten to take his PSLs WITHOUT a refund, then abruptly hung up on my friend. I wish I was making this up.
Just some cursory googling points to it being at least plausible.
But Richardson and Panthers President Danny Morrison -- along with several other team employees -- have been "calling on individual fans who have complained about the team by sending a 'feedback' e-mail to the Panthers website." Several of those fans have said that they are "impressed with the personal touch."
Still, "Shut up and be grateful for your PSL privilege" isn't the most impressive personal touch.

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