Saturday, January 12, 2019

Yes but that is a conservative bias

It's a throwaway paragraph at the bottom of this article about AOC vs Anderson Cooper but it's a thing that I often think needs clarifying.
Conservatives say the media has a liberal bias, and liberals and leftists say it has a conservative bias. What the media primarily has is not a bias towards one ideology but an ideology of its own: A status quo centrism that treats policies that actually address the scale of the problems we’re facing as radical and therefore scary; a fiscal conservatism that treats spending on healthcare as wasteful but spending on the military as necessary; a Both Sides fixation that treats Republicans and moderate-to-conservative Democrats as the only two sides worth quoting, and that refuses to see centrism as an ideology instead of the only way to do politics.
"Centrism" as defined by the commercial mainstream media is a conservative ideology.  That's where their bias lies.  This is pretty obvious but, for whatever reason, we never seem to treat it like it is.

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