Thursday, January 10, 2019

No time to wall off Orleans Parish before Monday

Yeah, well...
President Donald Trump will be in New Orleans on Monday (Jan. 14) for an appearance at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th annual convention. The organization confirmed the president’s visit Wednesday.
Oh good lord why does he need to come here and do those things he does? I have no idea why but I did tune in to watch his TV show the other night.  The back and forth between Trump and the steely gaze of Chuck/Nancy was like sitting through a neighborhood associating meeting where one crank was going on about some cockamamie plan to buy a street from the city and turn into a gated community while the "reasonable" alternative from the rest of the groups was to hire rent-a-cops to run all the kids off.   And people take this insane shit seriously as though it merits actual discussion. Afterward some highly paid talking heads implored the two sides to find a "compromise" between their two very right wing positions. This is the reason I can't watch cable news anymore.

Meanwhile Senators John and Bill have weighed in. Just in case anyone was wondering if they were still bad. They are.
After President Donald Trump's televised Oval Office address last night in which he repeated his call for a physical border wall separating the United States from Mexico, U.S. Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Neely Kennedy reintroduced legislation that would have Americans, not Mexico, paying for its construction.
Also Governor John Bel said yesterday that, while he definitely thinks the shutdown is bad, maybe they could give Trump... like... part of a wall or a wall-like thing or whatever.  Because, at heart, really, "both sides" just want to be cruel to migrants and isn't that what's really important?
Edwards said he personally believes that a combination technique could be used to strengthen border security.

“I support border security and I think a combination of barriers, technology and people ought to be able to get it done," he said. “It just seems to me like there’s enough common interest on both sides, if they would just sit down and discuss it, they’d work their way through it.”

Anyway, now we're gonna have to deal with Trump traffic if we plan on being downtown on Monday. It's already bad enough down there as it is

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