Tuesday, January 08, 2019

"Playing selfishly for themselves"

Is there any other way to do that, Drew
"Keep in mind, '14, '15 was really tough," Brees said. "The locker room changed significantly, when we lost a lot of really strong leaders. All of a sudden, there was a bunch of young guys that I don't feel like truly understood what it was to be a leader, understand the way that we had built this program and the foundation that had been laid and what the expectation level was.

"So all of a sudden, it was a little bit out of control. I felt like a lot of guys were playing selfishly for themselves, they weren't playing for the team. So we just got a little off track. And we had to get back steered in the right direction.

Anyway do you think he's talking specifically about Jimmy Graham? Also imagine having a mid-level manager at your workplace walking around sniping at you and the rest of the staff that you don't "understand what it is to be a leader" or some such crap.

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